Derby vs Meteor, who is popular?

Derby on Github

Meteor on Github

  • Watching:11753
  • Fork: 1637
  • Commits: 6301
  • Releases: 253
  • Contributors: 105
  • Last week
    11 authors have pushed 145 commits to all branches, excluding merges. On devel, 51 files have changed and there have been 825 additions and 348 deletions.

Derby on Github

  • Watching:215
  • Fork: 189
  • Commits: 1402
  • Releases: 61
  • Contributors: 17
  • Last week
    2 authors have pushed 2 commits to all branches, excluding merges. On master, 0 files have changed and there have been 0 additions and 0 deletions.

    Winner: Meteor.

Data taken on Firday, March 21 at 2000hrs (10pm) IST (GMT +0530hrs)


Z-index demystified

If you are like me, you learnt CSS by doing and never bothered to read it’s specifications. This monkey style learning did get your work done but sometimes you may come around a corner where you have to pick up your lazy heads and read some theory that goes behind whatever you are doing. Z-index may behave in weird ways, if you haven’t read about what it is. It’s a very strong animal and taming it requires little traditional training. Here is my compilation of links that will enrich you with z-index expertise. It’s not much, and it’s not too difficult , but admit it we were too lazy to bother about reading CSS specs. 

Screen Cast about Z-index

A work around on some Z-index problems

Everyone’s favorite MDN Docs.

If you know a better article on z-indexes then do post that in comments.

More Resources:

Day 8, the lost time.

It’s 1016 hrs of 13th feb and I second time lost the text file of time tracking that I did yesterday. First I lost it yesterday at 1700hrs and then today at 1014hrs. So in brief I am going to recall whatever I can about yesterday and share it here.

I woke up at 8:00, though I planned to wake up at 5:00 as that’s the most productive time and also befits my meditation schedule. Meditation keeps me intact, keeps me ME and concentrated the whole day. There are less of emotion swings and I am strong enough to ignore whatever’s happening around me. I started working at 0930hrs and here is my yesterday’s to do list.

* Article describing my mediawiki design (pending)
* Main Page (pending)
* Footer (done)
* mw-edit section (done)
* Beautify CSS Code (done)
* Responsiveness (done till tablet breakpoint)

I started with footer which was easiest thing to do, then I went on to mw-edit section. It’s a link to edit area in the mediawiki. This link appears wherever there is a heading to the section. Firstly it hindered the reading process of the reader and also was a black ugly spot in the design of the skin until I changed it into a beautiful grey colored icon that turned black on hover. Now this doesn’t comes in between the reading process and still manages to grab the attention of the user. It invites the reader to edit and only if I could do A/B testing I am sure that with that icon people will read more and edit more, what else we may demand from a wiki design?

Then I went to beautify CSS Code, not beautifying in the sense opposite to minifying but organizing it well. It’s already organized and well commented but there’s a scope of improvement and I want to leverage that scope before I go for responsiveness. I broke down few things into modules and stored them in separate files. I followed the rule of breaking down the code files into as many files as required but no more.

Then I went to responsiveness and it was a very tough thing to do. Layout had become so complex and rigid (due to my obsession with ratios), I had to make it little more fluid first and then ended up with four breakpoints. 3 of them have been handled the last mobile one needs a lot of effort.