18th April, 2014

Today is friday,  I wait for this day every week as I have music classes. Sir is out of station, so I decided to work from home. I repaired the CSRF token problem and I have made a commit. Having made a commit and having done some groundwork on LibreHatti, it was time to answer the queries on the GD mailing list. I have been not answering queries there from a lot of time, so I answered queries there and also went to music classes. Music class not only teaches me the instrument “robber of heart” (dilruba) but also teaches me how to teach, how to learn and the potential in Indian learning style. I came back home and started working on Catalog. There are some problems in loading initial data to catalog so I have decided to post some polls on GD mailing list.

21st April, 2014

This date “21st April, 2014″ is a very special. I have been waiting for it since long. The results for GSoC will be announced today. Also, I shared my will to provide training with Next Gen GD members and Sir. Events of today will effect the rest of my life.  Till now my guidance and mentorship to next Gen GD members had been priceless or you can call free.  Now I am involving money, I don’t know whether I am doing right or wrong but I have a strong will to pursue teaching as my career.  Ofcourse, it won’t be just teaching it would be teaching and developing, may be sometimes teaching for development and other times developing for teachers. My mother has been a teacher officially for around 30 years I guess, and I was one of the badass students she ever had. There were times when she was not my mother at all but a teacher. Most of the times she consider me as one among students and her students as sons and daughters. So, Having learnt about teaching from her, and many other good teachers I have got it’s better if I move the legacy forward. Fortunately next gen showed good interest and then even Rai Sir has given some positive vibes over the training. Final decisions will be coming soon. Let’s see how GSoC and this training center would shape the course of my life.  Most of time today went in these things but at the end of the day we had some brainstorming over catalog page design and dashboard app to be included in LibreHatti.

15th April, 2014

Yes, I have missed a month and a half and has not written a daily diary. Recap contains applying in GSoC, submitting patches for OGV, preparing the proposal, helping in other’s proposals. Decision to rewrite the automation and few failed deadlines. As of current “disasppointed” would be the right word to describe my performance in training. I wanted my training to be the best, but it’s not even near to what I thought of. Why? There are reasons, but they all look like excuses.  So, better not to share them and begin from now. Will be writing daily diary regularly from now on.

Piyush did a lot of work regarding authentication when I was busted in repairing my PC. He has used django-registrations a third party package and did the work of logging in and signing up. I cloned it and then tried to run it on my machine but failed. I was working on django 1.7 and piyush was working on django 1.5 and there had been many changes in 1.6 and many more significant changes in 1.7.  So we tried to find the solution to upgrade or somehow work with it.

6 March, 2014 Training

It’s 0939 hrs and I have completed my first pomodoro. I spent this pomodoro finding correct image for the background of login page. Haven’t succeeded yet.

It’s 1307 hrs and after first pomodoro, I was able to find out a good pic, still unsatisified I resorted to a temporary blurred background which is looking great. May stay with it forever. Helped a bit with user groups and then had a lunch break and a small party. Now back to work.

It’s 1400 hrs and I have made a basic login page, will perfect it later, now working on user roles in Automation.

It’s 1451 hrs and I recently by mistake git stashed everything and made changes again, so unable to git stash apply again.  In simple words I lost all the changes before last commit. Fortunately I had backup for most of changes and little but crucial ones that were lost, I had to apply them again. Lesson learnt! it’s nightly so push as often as possible.

It’s 1753 hrs and we have recently worked on user groups, created some of them.   Also found about how to give initial data to model, so that we have our initial set of user groups. We now know about user groups, but the is_staff and is_superuser problem still persists.

Also from last hour we have been struggling with a problem, whenever we logged in into Automation, it went back to localhost instead of going to the index URL. It was solved.

19th April, 2014

Super Saturday, as it was called in LUG, has now transferred to GD. I feel guilty for the LUG’s current state, but I tried and will keep on trying for it’s revival. I am again a general without an army in LUG. I had a small group of soldiers that recently elevated themselves to join secret but elite forces leaving LUG to sleep again. No, not at all it’s their mistake and the will to help LUG exists but one can do a very limited amount of things at once. So for their own good, it would be better if they concentrate on newly joined elite group.
I went to college, attended seminar on coding standards by albert and  found few patches. Then  I helped solving a problem that Kamalpreet Grewal was facing in Qt.  The audience was less in number but the day went very interesting. We had a lot of fun and learning at the same time.

17th April, 2014

Today I again worked on log/in log/out page. Piyush is working on libreD(A)WG.  I created a different app for authentication now. Was little confused at first but things got resolved soon. Now authentication is in different app. By the evening I was working on registration, (which first only had log-in/log-out). After completing registrations I made commits and pushed them.

Piyush also pushed some changes in catalog page, but our changes clashed somehow. Another django backward incompatibility problem I guess. New Django Urls does not have default. This was easy to change.  After that there was a CSRF token problem with my sign up form. Repaired the sign up form by the night  After a long time some good amount of work done in a day.  Still much far from “400 line code ka, kaam mera roz ka” aim.  Day ended listening to sartaj’s lines

“Hale ta shuryata mittra rabb de bakshe kaaj diya’n,

badhiya lammiya rahva’n ne satinder to sartaaj diya’n.

Sadda safar vich chalde rehna , ehi kismat rahi di “

16th April, 2014

I have my new laptop working and it looks great. I am using tweaked and customized Gnome 3 with monokai skin on terminal, has shifted from bash to zsh and will never go back again. Has moved to numix gtk theme and icon pack and now long to have my own icon pack. One day not very far away I assure I will bring my own great GTK theme and icon pack but before that automation.

Automation is now called LibreHatti by us. Today we decided to move from django-registeration to custom authentication. I searched for it, found a tutorial followed it and had a login page ready in minutes. That was easy! Django really makes things easy for us (only when we know what to do). I showed it to piyush, he agreed and we are now moving forward on this path. I made a login/logout page but din’t know how to deal with registration yet. I have done all this in catalog app of our LibreHatti project. So I was little confused on this, authentication will be shared among all the other apps so it deserves it’s own app. Yeah now some progress is being made, yes it’s very small yet but at-least we have started crawling now, soon we will be up and running to get back the respect for ourselves in our own mind.

Derby vs Meteor, who is popular?

Derby on Github

Meteor on Github

  • Watching:11753
  • Fork: 1637
  • Commits: 6301
  • Releases: 253
  • Contributors: 105
  • Last week
    11 authors have pushed 145 commits to all branches, excluding merges. On devel, 51 files have changed and there have been 825 additions and 348 deletions.

Derby on Github

  • Watching:215
  • Fork: 189
  • Commits: 1402
  • Releases: 61
  • Contributors: 17
  • Last week
    2 authors have pushed 2 commits to all branches, excluding merges. On master, 0 files have changed and there have been 0 additions and 0 deletions.

    Winner: Meteor.

Data taken on Firday, March 21 at 2000hrs (10pm) IST (GMT +0530hrs)


Z-index demystified

If you are like me, you learnt CSS by doing and never bothered to read it’s specifications. This monkey style learning did get your work done but sometimes you may come around a corner where you have to pick up your lazy heads and read some theory that goes behind whatever you are doing. Z-index may behave in weird ways, if you haven’t read about what it is. It’s a very strong animal and taming it requires little traditional training. Here is my compilation of links that will enrich you with z-index expertise. It’s not much, and it’s not too difficult , but admit it we were too lazy to bother about reading CSS specs. 

Screen Cast about Z-index


A work around on some Z-index problems


Everyone’s favorite MDN Docs.


If you know a better article on z-indexes then do post that in comments.

More Resources: